CBA 2010
Corpus-Based Approaches to
Paraphrasing and Nominalization


Workshop on Corpus-Based Approaches to
Paraphrasing and Nominalization

December 1-2, 2010


Wednesday December 1

Invited talk: Olya Gurevich
download file From verbal argument structures to nominal ones: A data-mining approach
Kurt Eberle, Gertrud Faasz and Ulrich Heid
download file Approximating disambiguation of some nominalizations by use of weak structural, lexical and corpus information
Aina Peris and Mariona Taulé
download file AnCora-Nom: A Spanish lexicon of deverbal nominalizations
Junya Morita
download file Some creative aspects of nominalization: An analysis of Hapax Legomena in English
Pavel Grashchenkov, Svetlana Malyutina and Maxim Ionov
download file How does syntactic structure manifest itself through text corpora: ossetic nominalization
Anthony Davis and Leslie Barret
download file Can lexical semantics predict grammaticality in English support-verb-nominalization constructions?
Invited talk: Ruth Reeves
download file Beyond verb centrism in event structuring


Thursday December 2

Invited seminar: Eduard Hovy (1)
download file Toward a new semantics: Merging propositional and distributional information and using it for paraphrase generation
Andras Dobo and Stephen G. Pulman
download file Interpreting noun compounds using paraphrases
Bruno Cartoni and Louise Deleger
download file Alternating modifiers in nominal paraphrases: Investigation in specialised/lay comparable corpora
Camille Dutrey, Houda Bouamor, Delphine Bernhard and Aurélien Max
download file Local modifications and paraphrases in Wikipedia's revision history
María Auxiliadora Barrios and Luz Rello
download file Spanish verbs and verb-noun collocations paraphrase pairs
Invited talk: Atsushi Fujita
download file Typology of paraphrases and approaches to compute them