CBA 2010
Corpus-Based Approaches to
Paraphrasing and Nominalization


Slides CBA 2008

Corpus-Based Approaches to

Coreference Resolution

- M. Poesio. Play your way to an annotated corpus: web games and anaphoric annotation [see ppt file]

- E.Boldrini, P. Martínez-Barco, B. Navarro, M. Puchol, and C. Vargas, AQA: A multilingual anaphora annotation model for question answering. [see ppt file]

- O. Borrega, AnCoraPipe. An Annotation Tool. [see ppt file]

- T. Caselli, Using a generative lexicon resource to compute bridging anaphora: preliminary observations and data. [see ppt file]

- V. Hoste, Dutch coreference resolution: issues and applications. [see pdf file]

- C. Navarretta, Co-referential chains and discourse topic shifts in parallel and comparable texts. [see ppt file]

- V. Ng, Unsupervised models for coreference resolution. [see ppt file]

- C.Orasan and M.Recasens, The extension of the Anaphora Resolution Exercise (ARE) to Spanish and Catalan. [see ppt file]

- O. Uryupina, Detecting anaphoricity and antecedenthood for coreference resolution. [see ppt file]