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What is SLIMM?

The Seminar on Literature and Culture of the Middle Ages and Modern Times (SLIMM) is a university discussion forum on current research dealing with texts in the Catalan area produced between the 13th and the 18th centuries, and within the Medieval, Ranaissance, Baroque and Enlightenment literary and cultural contexts. SLIMM is formed by a group of  lecturers of Medieval and Modern literature from the University of Barcelona (UB) and other Catalan universities, by some of UB's research project members and professors, and by postgraduate students working on Seminar topics. Since its foundation, senior and junior researchers, mainly from Catalan universities, but also including some international guests, have been invited to the Seminar. 

The Seminar touches upon many topics, but they all relate to the fixation and interpretation of Medieval and Modern literary texts. Questions of Ecdotics, History of Reading, Literary Ideas, Genres, Styles and Aesthetic Categories, History of Language, Science, Art and Social and Political History have been discussed at the Seminar sessions, where contributions, such as newly discovered archival documents about writers and new manuscripts and printings of Catalan literary texts have also been presented. Interdisciplinarity at SLIMM has always been the result of the effort to understand literary texts.

Up until now, the speakers at the SLIMM have put forward, in Catalan, Spanish, French or Italian, their recently published, or ongoing, individual research work before an audience of ten to forty people willing to debate. Constructive comment, Socratic questioning, and erudite gloss have always prevailed over unwarranted controversy, polemics and provocation. Most of the doctoral thesis dealing with topics of SLIMM's area of concern which have been read in Catalan Universities since 1990, have been discussed. SLIMM has also hosted book presentations by their members and, especially in its early times, collective work sessions; methodological discussions have been paramount at all times.

Since the 2001-2002 academic year, SLIMM issues two closed programmes in September and January, corresponding to its two annual semesters (October-January and February-June). Meetings, from four to seven each semester, are usually held on a Tuesday evening from half past seven to nine o'clock, in the Staffroom of the UB’s Josep Carner Building, or in the Boardroom of the UB's historical building, depending on availability.

From November the 5th 2020 the sessions of the SLIMM are available in streaming through the links provided in the current programme announcements.