Hebrew and Aramaic Studies at the Philology Faculty of the UB is designed to offer students a solid and comprehensive education in the fundamental and necessary linguistic aspects of the relevant languages: Hebrew (Biblical, Medieval and Modern) and Aramaic, as well as the other languages of the Ancient Middle East.

The literary contents studied span the broad multi-millenial panorama of the output of works of the people of Israel, from the Bible, through the rabbinic and medieval texts, up to the most recent creations of contemporary Israeli writers.

Archaeology and the History of Ancient Israel in the Land of Canaan and the History of the Medieval Jews in the Iberian Peninsula and especially in Catalonia, as well as the different diasporas of the modern era, complete this broad programme of university study of Hebrew and Aramaic Philology, this being considered the sum of the linguistic, literary, historic and cultural elements which allow the comprehension and interpretation of the texts.