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How to get to Barcelona (Plaça de Catalunya)

Plaça Catalunya is the center of the city.

- By plane:

Barcelona's main airport is El Prat, located 15 kilometers south of the city, in the village of El Prat de Llobregat. Most companies fly from there to the rest of Europe and the world. Nevertheless, there are also two more airports: Girona-Costa Brava and Reus. Both are operated mostly by low-cost companies. Girona Airport is located 80 kilometers north of Barcelona and Reus about 80 kilometers south of the city.

Aeroport del Prat - Plaça de Catalunya

A taxi from the airport to Plaça de Catalunya may cost about 25€ (37$ approx.). There are two other options of direct communication:

- By train: using RENFE's line 10, which begins in the Airport and ends in Plaça de Catalunya. It is a 20 minute ride.

- By bus: using the Aerobús, which also begins in the Airport and ends in Plaça de Catalunya. There is one stop in each Terminal and the trip takes about 35'. The ticket costs 3,50€ (about 6$).


Aeroport de Reus - Plaça de Catalunya

There's a bus covering the distance between Reus Airport and Barcelona. It is handled by the company Hispano Igualadina. There are five buses per day, the first being at 10:30 am and the last at 9:30 pm. These buses make two different stops at Barcelona: "Plaça de Maria Cristina" and "Estació de Sants". We strongly recommend choosing the second one, which is closer to the center of the city. The trip by bus takes about 1h 35'.
Once you are in "Estació de Sants", you must take the Metro in order to get to Plaça de Catalunya. Take line 3 (the green one) direction "Canyelles" and get down after 7 stops, in "Catalunya". The metro trip takes about 15'.

You have got further information on timetables and prices of the Hispano Igualadina bus service in the web:


Aeroport de Girona - Plaça de Catalunya

There is a shuttle bus connecting Girona Airport and Barcelona. It gets to the bus station of the capital ("Barcelona - Estació del Nord") and it is operated by the company Sagalés. There is a bus 25' after each flight arrival and the trip takes about 1h 10'.
Once you are in "Barcelona - Estació del Nord", you have to take the Metro to get to "Plaça de Catalunya" outside the bus station. Take it in the stop "Arc the Triomf (Line 1 - the red one) direction "Hospital de Bellvitge": You must get down after two stops, in "Catalunya". It is a 5' lift.

You have got further information on timetables and prices of the Sagalés bus service in the web

- By train:

There are two main train stations in Barcelona: "Barcelona - Sants" and "Barcelona - Estació de França". The first one is pretty well communicated with the rest of the city. The second one is more centrally situated and it has a certain architectonic interest.

Estació de Sants - Plaça de Catalunya

- By Metro:
Take Line 3 (the green one) direction "Canyelles", inside the train station.
Get down after seven stops in "Catalunya".
Time spent: 15'

- By Train (Rodalies RENFE):
Take any train of the lines 1, 3, 4 o 7 directions "Mataró", "Vic", "Manresa" o "Martorell", inside the train station.
Get down in the next stop, "Plaça de Catalunya".
Time spent: 10'.

Estació de França - Plaça de Catalunya

- By Bus:
Outside the train station, cross the street "Marqués de l'Argentera".
Take the bus number 14.
Get down after 8 stops, in "Pl. Catalunya - Andana Central".
Time spent: 20'

The following web places may be useful for moving around in Barcelona: (Interactive city map). (Information on public transportation).


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