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Call for Papers

The conference welcomes substantive contributions relating to the evolution of human language from any relevant discipline, including Anthropology, Genetics, Population Biology, Linguistics, Psychology, Primatology, Ethology, Paleontology, Archeology, Artificial Life and Mathematical Modelling. Normal standards of academic quality apply. Thus, submitted papers should aim to make clear their own substantive claim, relating this to relevant scientific literature, and briefly setting out the method by which the claim is substantiated, the nature of the relevant data, and/or the core of the theoretical argument concerned.

Types of submission

There are two possible types of submission:
  1. Full Papers, can have a length of between 6 and 8 pages.

  2. Abstract can be at most 2 pages long.
All accepted submissions will be published in the proceedings of the conference. All papers or abstracts accepted will be allotted the same presentation length (probably 25 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion). 

Preparation Guidelines

It is recommended that you prepare your paper using LaTeX (or MS-Word). General guidelines on the structure and format of the paper can be found in the General Guidelines file.

To prepare a paper or abstract using LaTeX, please download and unzip the Latex Instructions, and follow the detailed instructions in evolang7.pdf

To prepare a paper or abstract using MS-Word, please use the Word file, which shows the layout required. You can delete the sample text and replace it with your own contribution, although we recommend that you keep an initial version of the file for reference.

How to submit
Send an email to evolang7 [at], including:

1. the PDF (or Word) file of your paper/abstract.
2. a completed proforma specifying the following details:

Name(s) of Author(s)
Email Address
Telephone Number

3. Type of Submission (Paper or Abstract, see above for details)
4. Topics of Submission

Submission Timetable

The deadline for submission is 1st September 2007.

Papers will be refereed during September and October, and notifications of acceptance will be sent by 15th October 2007.

Camera-ready copy must be provided by 15th November 2007, in order for the paper to appear in the proceedings


Organised by: Grup de Biolingüística
Support: Universitat de Barcelona - Servei de Tecnologia Lingüística (STEL) - Cosmocaixa -
Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia - European Social Fund -
- Departament d'Universitats, Innovació i Empresa (Generalitat de Catalunya)-
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Centre de Lingüística Teòrica