This web page contains the materials from the old Base de datos sobre refranes del calendario y meteorológicos en la Romania (BADARE), which will continue to be built up on the basis of new entries for proverbs but, above all, with new search possibilities, in particular geolocation of proverbs which will eventually lead to interpretive work on geografical variation among proverbs in Romance-speaking areas. These materials can be consulted by clicking the tab labelled Refranes [Refranys, in the Catalan version; Proverbs, in the English version]. The proverb files can be accessed in the three different versions on the web: in Spanish, Catalan or English, along with the general layout of the files themselves, although for the time being, for practical reasons, only the comments in Spanish are available for the three versions, and the litteral citations are presented in the original language.

The web page also offers information on various different activities (congresses, seminars, lectures) connected with the project. In the case of the congresses, there are links to three international seminars on weather proverbs (SEREME) held from 2009 to 2011 within the framework of a previous project. The third one (TERSEREME) addresses the study of Romance geoparemiology, a line of inquiry to be pursued in the new project.

The links to new scientific meetings will appear for the moment in only one version, not all three (Spanish, Catalan, English) as on the web.