Jaume Juan Castelló

Professor Titular de Filologia Llatina
93 403 56 00

Doctor of Philosophy (1980) and Professor (B) at the Department of Latin (Universitat de Barcelona) since 1984, teaching Latin literature. Primary fields of study include the reading of classical Roman poets and the analysis of historiography as a literary genre. Founding member of the consolidated research group Laboratory for Research and Treatment of Roman Epigraphic and Ancient Texts (LITTERA). Publications include a critical edition of Velleius Paterculus, with a Catalan translation (Fundació Bernat Metge, 2015); the first critical edition of Laurentius Veronensis (Latin medieval epic poet), with a Spanish translation (Bosch, 1996); translations of Horace’s Odes (Adesiara 2020) and Satires (Adesiara, 2008), and Ovid’s Ars Amatoria (Adesiara, 2011); and the epigraphic corpus of Ibiza (Treballs del Museu Arqueològic, 1988). Currently devoting special attention to roman epigram, roman epigraphy, particularly Balearic, and to imperial prosopography.



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Q1: DL 11-12