Ressenya a "Annali Lettere Ferrara", núm. 7/2

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Annali Lettere Ferrara, núm. 7/2 (2013), p. 188-190
Dennis Looney

"This book is one in a series of publications by a working research group at the University of Barcelona, Mimesi, which has as its primary goal the study of literature and literary theory in the Renaissance and Baroque periods connected with the literary culture of Catalonia, focusing also on how Catalonian culture interacted with other European literary cultures and traditions during the early modern period. The working group organizes conferences, workshops, and other scholarly meetings, which have generated numerous publications, including the one under review. Mimesi also maintains a website with an extensive database of treatises on poetics from the period to which its members dedicate their research. The searchable database contains descriptive entries, including key words, on over one hundred works published between 1475 and 1836, in Latin, Catalan or Spanish. In some cases the texts themselves are provided in pdf files that can be downloaded (...). Two of the prime movers of this group, Josep Solervicens and Antoni L. Moll, have edited an impressive volume of seven essays on the reception of classical poetics in the European Renaissance (...). Alas, there is no index, which would make the volume even more valuable as a reference work. That shortcoming notwithstanding, this is an impressive publication that admirably represents a dynamic collective hard at work in their examination of Renaissance and Baroque poetics across Europe".